Welcome to Twilight Hill. Shhh....you have to be very quiet here! Wait, what's that you say? You don't know what Twilight Hill is?

Well sit right back and get comfy, and I will tell you the story of Twilight Hill...

Now many of you know the story of Rainbow Bridge. This is where beloved pets go...a place where they wait to be reunited with their humans, and they go to Heaven together.

Sometimes a special pet is very sick and has to leave us, and we have to make a very hard choice for them. We have to help them go to Heaven. Now this is very hard to do, and makes many people sad. They don't want to let their pet go. Sometimes the person is very sad and wonders if they did the right thing by helping their pet go to Heaven. The person might wonder where their loved special friend went. They went to Twilight Hill, of course!

When a person helps their pet go to Heaven, we help them go into a beautiful, peaceful sleep...and when they wake up, they are in the wonderful town called Twilight Hill!
Twilight Hill is a magical place...full of fairies and special fairy dust. The special fairy dust makes the little animals all happy and healthy again. There is no more pain, no suffering, no regrets.

Our beloved pets live at Twilight Hill until their humans meet them at Rainbow Bridge, which is the next town over, and they travel to Heaven together, forever.
Twilight Hill is a special place, kind of like a happy dream. It's always night time, but it is beautiful!

The skys are filled with the brightest stars, and the pets make wishes on the shooting stars.

At Twilight Hill the pets live in adorable little houses, and they have the most snuggly cuddly beds to sleep in! They have an abundance of toys and yummy food.

Some pets are very talented and play music for all the other pets, and every nite they gather around and sing and dance, and share happy stories about their humans and their life.

There is even a little movie theatre where they can go and watch cartoons!

Also living at Twilight Hill are tiny Elves that help take care of our pets. They play with them and brush them and teach them new and exciting tricks so when their humans finally come to meet them, they will have many exciting things to show and to share.
Let me assure you, Twilight Hill is a wonderful, magical place. Your pet will be safe and happy there, waiting for you with open paws.


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